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The following events are available in AreaList Pro v10.

Event constants

Constant Value Callback
User action
AL Null event 0 No action
AL Single click event 1 Single-click (or up / down arrow keys)
AL Double click event 2 Double-click
AL Empty Area Single click 3 Single-click in an empty part of the area (without displayed data)
AL Empty Area Double click 4 Double-click in an empty part of the area (without displayed data)
AL Single Control Click 5 Control-click (or right mouse click)
AL Empty Area Control Click 6 Control-click (or right mouse click) in an empty part of the area (without displayed data)
AL Vertical Scroll Event 7 Vertical scroll
AL Row drop event 8 Row(s) dropped to the area
AL Column drop event 9 Column(s) dropped to the area
AL Cell drop event 10 Cell(s) dropped to the area
AL Allow drop event 11 Allow or disallow drop (during drag and drop from an external object) - respond in event callback with $0:=1 to allow drop or $0 = 0 to disallow
AL Hierarchy collapse event 12 A hierarchy level was collapsed
AL Hierarchy expand event 13 A hierarchy level was expanded
AL Object drop event 14 Something was dropped from a non-AreaList Pro object (such as a 4D list or variable)
AL Typeahead event 15 Reported when typeahead occurs and ALP_Area_TypeAheadEffect is set to -2
AL Horizontal Scroll Event 16 Horizontal scroll
AL Mouse moved event 18 Mouse moved (including over the “empty column” on the right)
AL Key event 19 Key down or Autokey (for the key pressed, look for ALP_Area_EventKey, ALP_Area_EventChar, ALP_Area_EventModifiers)
AL Sort button event -1 Sort button
AL Select all event -2 Edit menu Select All
AL Column resize event -3 Column resized
AL Column lock event -4 Column lock changed
AL Row drag event -5 Row(s) dragged from the area
AL Sort editor event -6 Sort editor
AL Column drag event -7 Column(s) dragged from the area
AL Cell drag event -8 Cell(s) dragged from the area
AL Object resize event -9 Object and window resized
AL Column click event -10 User clicked on column header, automatic sort won’t be executed
AL Column control click event -11 Control-click on column header
AL Footer click event -12 Click on column footer
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