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The following properties have been modified in AreaList Pro v10.

Area properties

property can read can write persi
type default min max usage
ALP_Area_WindowsClip boolno Deprecated since v10 (unused in ALP 10)
ALP_Area_CopyOptionsint007Options for Copy & Drag (made 3-bit to support CSV and hidden columns)
bit 0 = include headers
bit 1 = CSV encode
bit 2 = include hidden columns (as ALP_Area_CopyHiddenCols, kept for compatibility)
ALP_Area_DragScrollint30-130Size of frame around the AreaList Pro area border where dragging will start area scrolling
When the user drags something near the AreaList Pro area border, the contents will be scrolled
-1 = “no scroll” (both directions) when dragging a row or a cell
ALP_Area_Event_Filter int0015Mask to define which events should not be reported
bit 0 (value 1) = don’t report AL Mouse moved event
bit 1 (value 2) = don’t report keyDown/autoKey (if bit 1 is zero, keyDown event is reported to the callback)
bit 2 (value 4) = don’t report AL Vertical Scroll Event
bit 3 (value 8) = report AL Horizontal Scroll Event
ALP_Area_SendEvent int Set custom event and execute the object method (and event callback if set)
ALP_Area_AlpEvent will contain this event, ALP_Area_Event will be 0
Use e.g. -100 to not confuse your own code with regular AreaList Pro event codes
Usable in subforms to CALL SUBFORM CONTAINER
ALP_Area_SendEvent returns the first event in the queue (getter), adds requested event to the end of the queue (setter)
Events are sequentially reported
Note: when an event callback (ALP_Area_CallbackMethOnEvent) is installed, the event is reported immediately (except during update), the object method may fail to be executed… use event callbacks!
Horizontal and vertical scroll events are cumulated and moved to the end of the queue (e.g. using mouse wheel, many scroll events can be reported, but actually the object method can’t be executed during mouse wheel event and the event is reported at next idle → will be reported only once, not many times after ending the scroll)
Two identical events are never put into the queue
ALP_Area_ShowVScrollint103Show vertical scrollbar
0 = manual not shown
1 = manual shown
2 = automatic, not shown
3 = automatic, shown
Note that “auto” vs “manual” differs from ALP_Area_ShowHScroll usage for compatibility reasons
ALP_Area_ShowColDividersint0015Show column dividers (using ALP_Area_ColDivColor):
bit 0 (value 1) = draw over data and footer
bit 1 (value 2) = hide footer dividers (bit 0 ignored if bits 0 and 2 are 0)
bit 2 (value 4) = draw last column divider
bit 3 (value 8) = hide column dividers in the empty area below last row
ALP_Area_ShowRowDividersint003Show row dividers (using ALP_Area_RowDivColor)
Made 3-state:
0 = no
1 = yes
3 = yes, but not in empty area below last data row
Set bit 0 to 1 (add value 1) to draw row dividers and bit 1 to 1 (add value 2) to hide row dividers in the empty area below last row

Column properties

property can read can write persi
type default min max usage
ALP_Column_Type int 0 38 Data type (added values for Is Pointer, Is BLOB and Is Object – not displayed but can be used to keep in sync with displayed columns)
0 = Is Alpha Field
1 = Is Real
2 = Is Text
3 = Is Picture
4 = Is Date
6 = Is Boolean
8 = Is Integer
9 = Is LongInt
11 = Is Time
23 = Is Pointer
30 = Is BLOB
38 = Is Object
ALP_Column_Formattext When using ALP_Column_DisplayControlType = 4 (draw pictures), old format expected for “True;False;Mixed”
now it allows “+offset;value0;value1;…;valueN”
The plus sign makes the difference in the interpretation of the values
Is used as: take current value, add offset, use it as index into the array
• for old tri-state Boolean “+0;False;True;Mixed”
• for “five-star rating” from 0-5: “+0;1200;1201;1202;1203;1204;1205”
Zero will display icon 1200, 5 will display icon 1205
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