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MySQL access

command syntax
AL_SetMySQLSource(areaRef:L; host:T; user:T; password:T; schema:T; options:T; port:L; statement:T; parameter1:Z; parameter2:Z; … parameter17:Z) → error:L

See Displaying MySQL data


command syntax
AL_MoveColumn(areaRef:L; from:L; insertAt:L) → error:L
AL_DuplicateColumn(areaRef:L; columnID:L; sourcePtr:Z; insertAt:L) → error:L

Break processing commands

See the PrintList Pro v5 manual for details about break processing.

command syntax
AL_SetBreakPtrProperty(areaRef:L; header:L; level:L; cellNumber:L; property:T; value:Z) → error:L
AL_SetBreakLongProperty(areaRef:L; header:L; level:L; cellNumber:L; property:T; value:Z) → error:L
AL_SetBreakRealProperty(areaRef:L; header:L; level:L; cellNumber:L; property:T; value:8)
AL_SetBreakTextProperty(areaRef:L; header:L; level:L; cellNumber:L; property:T; value:T)
AL_GetBreakPtrProperty(areaRef:L; header:L; level:L; cellNumber:L; property:T; value:Z) → error:L
AL_GetBreakLongProperty(areaRef:L; header:L; level:L; cellNumber:L; property:T) → value:L
AL_GetBreakRealProperty(areaRef:L; header:L; level:L; cellNumber:L; property:T) → value:8
AL_GetBreakTextProperty(areaRef:L; header:L; level:L; cellNumber:L; property:T) → value:T

How to use the commands above:
header: 0 = footer, 1 = header
level: 0 - 64
cellNumber: 0 to apply to the break, > 0 to apply to the individual cell

if cellNumber is zero, usable properties are:

  • ALP_Break_RowID
  • ALP_Break_NumRowLines
  • ALP_Break_MinRowHeight
  • ALP_Break_RowIndent
  • ALP_Break_RowIndentH
  • ALP_Break_RowIndentV

Use ALP_Area_RowsInGrid to set the number of lines (cells) in each column break.


  • ALP_Cell_Value: the break value (string which can use the “\\SUM” and other functions evaluated in the break processing
command syntax
AL_SetBreakObjects(areaRef:L; header:L; level:L; property:T; array:Y) → error:L
AL_GetBreakObjects(areaRef:L; header:L; level:L; property:T; array:Y) → error:L

The only property is ALP_Object_Grid → use 2D array

Other break processing properties:

  • ALP_Break_HeaderCalcMethod: method for handling break header's “\\FUNCTION”
  • ALP_Break_FooterCalcMethod: method for handling break footer's “\\FUNCTION”
  • ALP_Break_HideDetails
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