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AreaList Pro version 10 new features

Here are the new features to AreaList Pro version 10.

This version also supports v8 API and v9 API, your existing code should not require any changes.

AreaList Pro version 10 requires 4D v16 or above.

Refer to AreaList Pro v10 New commands, AreaList Pro v10 New properties and AreaList Pro v10 Modified properties for details.

Direct data display from a MySQL database

Global settings and templates

  • Global area settings:
    • Area = 0 : apply to all areas to be created (defining an area “template”)
    • Area = -2 : apply to all existing areas, but not to areas to be created
    • Area = -3 : apply to all existing areas in current process only
  • Global column settings:
    • Column = 0 : apply to all columns to be created (defining a column “template”) in either a specific area, or in area 0, -2 or -3 as above
    • Column = -2 : apply to all existing columns in either a specific area, or in area -2 or -3 as above for existing areas
  • Global row settings:
    • Row = -2 : apply to all rows in either a specific area, or in area -2 or -3 as above for existing areas

New commands

  • Move a column (AL_MoveColumn)
  • Duplicate a column (AL_DuplicateColumn)

Grouping columns and headers

  • Group columns together
  • Dragging a group of columns
  • Column group header (above the column individual headers or replacing them) – row and cell properties can be used with Row = -3
  • Hierarchy row merged into one cell that goes across several columns

Area display features

  • Zooming an entire area (smaller or larger display, factor 0.1 to 5)
  • Display Transposed (rotate rows ↔ columns) – This allows “palette” style interface, with different data types among “rows” (note: “palette” style was already possible in v9 using “grid” mode)
  • Multi-level break processing (ala PrintList Pro) including in hierarchical lists
  • Many new “appearance” settings: system, automatic, custom pictures or 10 different OSX/Windows standard themes
  • Show/hide vertical scrollbar

Column features

  • Minimum column width for any column(s)
  • New properties to enable/disable each column's sorting, dragging or resizing
  • “Use ellipsis” settable for headers, specific columns, individual rows, footers, and even individual cells
  • Popup entry type is now a column property: 0 = default (depends on data type), 1 = date, 2 = time
  • Limiting entry string length (length limit is now a column property)
  • Define a formula instead of a callback for a calculated column

Other cool features

  • CSV format in Copy / Drag from an area
  • Named selections as sources
  • Entry placeholder support
  • ALP_Cell_Format and ALP_Cell_Flags (formatting at cell level)
  • ALP_Row_Flags (formatting at row level: font, color, alignment, spacing, etc.)
  • Show a longint value as picture in Field or Array Display (e.g. “star rating” display)
  • Access row and cell properties for header and footer (Header: row = 0, Footer: row = -1)


  • Hide row dividers in empty areas (ALP_Area_ShowRowDividers is now 3-state)
  • Custom picture above vertical scrollbar (old AL_SetHeaderOptions) including callback on mouse down or up
  • Override row/cell bottom row divider color (set a specific color for the bottom divider of a given row or cell)
  • ALP_Column_EntryAllowReturn: allow/disallow return in specific columns regardless of the area settings (ALP_Area_EntryAllowReturn)
  • Single line headers in “grid” mode (i.e. several lines per row, ALP_Area_AltHdrRowsInGrid>1)
  • Single line footers in “grid” mode (i.e. several lines per row, ALP_Area_FtrRowsInGrid>1)
  • Drag and move a column (physically reorder the column) even when not running in compatibility mode
  • New API replacement of AL_SetInterface: appearance + sort indicator properties
  • ALP_Object_RowSelection optimized (using LONGINT ARRAY FROM SELECTION)
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